Public Opinion

Love ObamaCare Hate ObamaCare

As with any divisive and controversial issue, public opinion is torn. Finding real statistics of the public’s perception on the Affordable Care Act is also no easy task. Part of the reason for this is that while “most Americans approve of most of the elements of the ACA; they fear “ObamaCare”, a broad policy, because they don’t know what the elements are” (Huffington Post 2012).

Contributor Alden Miljkovic conducted a series of video interviews, one of which is below. Here’s what he had to say:

“While conducting my research on the public’s perception of the Affordable Care Act, I was surprised by how little the American public knew about what was actually in the act and how it would affect them. Media of course plays a large role in this, by what it presents to the public, and what it is presenting to the public is the political stalemate between the Democrats and the Republicans in terms of being for or against the act. The politicians on one side argue against a particular piece of the act; for example the mandatory provision for all Americans to be insured. But the politicians never say why they were against it; they are simply “against the mandate.” What happens is that the voter is now against it as well because they follow party lines. I did take the time to read an overview of the act and was able to get a pretty good picture of how it affects the public. I also asked my friends and family what they thought of the act. Surprisingly, many of them were eager to say whether they were either for or against the act, but ‘to be honest with you I don’t really know what is in it’.”

Here is one local man’s understanding of the act when asked a series of questions about the provisions of the law. To view the correct answers, please visit the next tab above, “Misconceptions.”


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